Blend and mix paint

Blending colors is such a necessity for artists. That's why we have it right at the forefront, making it easier and faster to finish your masterpiece.

Perspective guides

Take your drawings to the next dimension. Construct cityscapes, game art, or futuristic landscapes with up to five different vanishing points.

Superior brushes

Paintbrushes that dynamically mix with the colors on the canvas, watercolors that bleed out, vector-class ink brushes...we have an arsenal of presets for every type of artist. You can even create your own brushes.

Symmetry tools

Constructing elaborate designs is easier than ever with symmetry. Choose between horizontal, vertical, radial or kaleidoscope. Watch your creations come to life.

Patterns and gradients

Achieve photo-realistic effects with the pattern and gradient fills. Add lighting, create the perfect sunset, or overlay your work with various patterns to give it that stylistic edge.

Seamless patterns

Aspiring fashion designer? Create your own seamless patterns and use them in the app to decorate your models.

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